Rampage Internals Hardware kit


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printed parts plus brass, screws and O-rings for an inline Rampage.

Product Information

This is the beating heart of our Rampage Inline Clip Kits.

These parts will replace the original pusher and breech system and transform your NERF Rampage into a breech loading inline clip blaster. You will reload this mod through the jamdoor to give you the real shotgun feel.

This kit will require some modification to the blaster and therefore some tools and skills to install. To make it easier, we have an in-depth installation video for you:

Internal parts installation: https://youtu.be/RTt3ZAjSY_E

Included are:
- pusher
- Dart gate/breech
- slamfire delete
- mag top

It also includes the following additional hardware:
- 2x M3x16mm countersunk screw
- 2 O-rings for the pusher
- 1cm KS140 and 1cm KS141 for the breech

To complete this build you will also need some inline clip barrel material and clip barrel material (Barrel materials are NOT included). 
We have a metric version using 16mm PVC ("Kupa" EN16) and an imperial version using 3/4 inch polycarbonate tubes. 
PLEASE tell us which version you want as soon as you order.

All 3d printed parts are available in different colours and materials. Please get in touch for more information and availability.

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