Ultra 2 8-dart Elite full conversion kit


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This kit is a complete conversion of the Ultra 2 Blaster to an 8 dart full- or half length* revolver. It includes:

-8-dart drum
-PETG Flywheel cage (41.5mm crush)
-resin printed SCAR barrel
-Bracket for a microswitch
-Front piece to stabilize 3/4" or 20mm barrel
-guides for the Jamdoor to keep halfdarts from falling into the shell
-M2 motor screws.

motors and Flywheels NOT included!

*two half-length darts need to be loaded, the first one gets fired, the second one gets in front position. Darts can be unloaded through the Jamdoor.

Everybody loves the badass look of this revolver, nobody likes the new dart type though. The switch to Elite darts is only natural, but it needs a few modifications to really work. What makes my kit special is that it reimagines the Ultra 2 as an Elite blaster, complete with an adjusted barrel that is held in place front and back (barrel not included, just use standard nerf or worker barrel in 15cm), a resin-printed low-friction SCAR barrel to spin the dart with little cost to fps, and the ability to use short OR longdarts with ZERO modifications to the blaster. Just load in two short darts per chamber and fire away - the first dart goes off, the second one stays in the drum. Want to use longdarts again? No problem, simply load in that long dart and push the remaining short dart out through the jamdoor.

To help your rewiring this kit has a special bracket to hold a 15A switch (cutting in the grip will be required) and a new REV trigger that won't blister your finger like the stock one.  

Current crush is 41.5mm. Other crushes may become available in the future.

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